I would like to welcome you to my blog!  My history of education and my continuing education courses, has given me an overwhelming amount of information that I am bursting with excitement to educate you!  We should all know how our body works just like we know how our phone works.  In fact, knowing how our body works is more important than knowing how to use your phone.  As an instructor and trainer, it is my job to educate but it is also my passion to educate.


I use Pilates to teach people how to breathe and connect their mind to their body.  Once that has been established, I teach people to use their core to initiate all movement.  Important to know: your core involves more muscles than your abdominals alone!  Once we have established a strong core and retraining our muscles to recruit correctly, we can start to work on muscle imbalances which lead to injuries.  This is where Personal training using resistance and cardio starts to come in.  Weight loss will come at a healthy rate and chances of injury (which would slow you down) will be decreased by using my system of training.  I teach people patience, which is probably the most difficult thing to learn.


I look forward to working with more people and developing a business that establishes knowledge and functionality of your body.