This topic may bring controversy to some.  I know of many supplement reps and my intention is not to step on any toes.  I have spent many, many hours researching nutrition shakes and products to use along side the shakes.  Every BODY is different and will respond differently, therefore, you should know, these shakes/supplements are not a ‘one size fits all’.  I encourage everyone to do what I have done and research the company, ingredients, and don’t hesitate to return something that didn’t work for you.

I started my dietary supplementation with Arbonne vegan protein shake in December 2013.  It was tasty, I enjoyed it, but there wasn’t enough nutrition because I wanted a meal replacement shake.   So I searched…and searched…

Melaleuca protein shake to control hunger and glucose regulation was next but wasn’t working for me.  It had too much sugar (sugar alcohols as well)!   I was wanting more sugary foods instead of keeping me away from them.  Also, it used whey as it’s protein and it made my mouth and throat scratchy.

Next was a meal replacement shake, called Phood (vegan protein shake).  It worked well, I liked it, but it too had sugar alcohol and made my tummy feel funny after a couple months.

Vega One was my favorite and I used it for quite some time.  It had a great amount of vegan protein that agreed with my stomach, contained cleansing fruits and vegetables, and natural sweeteners.  I knew it was cleansing and I didn’t have extreme cravings.  This was clearly a winner!

After Christmas 2014, I needed to detox.  I had consumed way too many bad foods during the holiday season.  I decided to try Advocare cleansing stage of the 24 day challenge.  It was fantastic!!  I lost the weight I had gained, I wasn’t bloated anymore, I felt great but I wasn’t ready to try the shake because it contained Whey protein.  The vegan shake contains Soy protein, which somewhere along the way I had tried Herbalife and Visalus (both soy protein), they didn’t agree with my body, it just sat in my stomach.  Therefore, Advocare was out.

I kept using Vega One and then I was convinced in June to try Isagenix.  Everything tasted great but I was concerned about the two day cleansing plan.  I do not feel I need to stop eating or that I can stop eating to cleanse my body.  My profession dictates that not eating for two days would not be smart.   I ended up using the cleanse powder daily first thing in the morning, then got dressed and did some stuff,  came back, drank the shake and ionix supreme.  Everything tasted great but I was hungry within an hour because the whey is metabolized quickly and there were not additional fruits and veggies, yet it had over 200 calories/shake and more sugar than I care for.  It didn’t leave much room for adding anything to the shake.  I thought of trying the vegan shake but there was only one flavor, and so I thought about trying the higher protein shake.  I ended up returning it and getting a refund.

Somewhere in here, I tried Shakeology.  It tasted great, contained great ingredients, but WAY too expensive!  Plus, I didn’t want to pay for the videos on demand.

I was back at square one, researching, so I bought more Vega One to get me through.  I was frustrated that my energy was not what it could be so, I decided I would try an energy drink.  First, I tried Vega Energy, but the sugar wasn’t cutting it for me.  I don’t want to pump my body with sugar, that’s asking for trouble.  I decided to go to GNC.  They had a natural energy drink, that tasted good but it did nothing for me.  I returned it.  They introduced me to GenetixHD Pro-Sculpt…amazing!!  It tastes terrible but it worked and no crashes!  I started using Vega recovery accelerator…amazing!  It contains ingredients that help decrease inflammation and prevent a crash after exercise.  Now, I’m trying another whey protein shake from GNC with caffeine in it but I’m not a fan of the ingredients so I won’t be using this one long term.  I have found my energy drink, my recovery drink, now, I need to find that perfect protein shake.

This has been a journey, but I am making this journey because these products work differently in everyone.  Please don’t get caught up in weight loss promises and great tasting shakes that work for one person.  It may not work for you.  It is always worth trying but make sure there is a refund, return, and/or exchange option just in case it doesn’t work for you (please read all details before joining a company!).

Feel free to ask questions and post supplements that work for you!  No, recruiting please!!  Experiences, only!!