Almost everyone is back in school (my daughter doesn’t start until after Labor Day) and fall sports begin!  This means busy schedules, homework, and still finding a way to keep up with your healthy lifestyle.  Do you have a plan to make all of this happen while keeping a clean home and not getting overwhelmed?   You are probably feeling overwhelmed now that you’re reading your reality.  It’s a lot to keep track of and I had to come up with a schedule to stick to so I stay focused and to keep the kids focused.  The last thing we need as parents is overwhelmed kids!

My schedule consists of school schedules, sports schedules, work schedules, exercise schedule, and house cleaning jobs.  I dislike cleaning and would much rather play than do what’s needed.  This is how I decided to break it down.

The kids and I are assigned a few jobs everyday and they have to be completed before bed.  The kids are doing great and actually act like they appreciate these responsibilities, I know I appreciate the help and no fighting.  Everyone knows what is expected of them.  This alone has made everything else fall into place.

Meal planning and shopping happens on the weekend and I choose easy prep and clean up meals.  Wildtree helps this planning but I also experiment a lot!  Some are winners some are not so good.  But we eat it knowing it won’t be made again.   Planning your meals takes away random trips to get fast food, which can cause unhealthy habits to form in your children.  Eating food that is good for you will guarantee weight loss and energy.  However, if you still struggle, like I was, I started drinking GNC GenetixHD Pro-Sculpt!  Yes, it has 200 mg of caffeine but I don’t drink coffee, so this is now my version of coffee.  It tastes terrible but 100% amazing and I sleep great!  I will talk more about supplements another time.

Exercise is scheduled in during my day, even if it’s a one mile run, I’m making it happen, I have a 5 k coming up next month that is keeping me motivated (I dislike running).   Exercise is anything you do on top of daily activities and lasts for 30 min and you get your heart rate elevated.  I understand this isn’t possible some days, so hold a plank for a minute, do jumping jacks for a minute, and 30 sec of wall squats and push ups.  That’s a great set of exercises that will take you less than 5 minutes! Give up 5 min of FB time.  I promise, everyone has 5 min!  You will want to do some stretching in the two minutes remaining, after all, flexibility is important!

Sports fit in nicely to the schedule.  I like to be present so, this too is scheduled.

Thankfully, my work schedule is part-time, but, typing this blog and soon recording videos, fall into my work schedule.

I’m busy, we all are, but making time for God is more important than all of this.  I am still working on getting Bible reading first thing in the morning, but right now my prayers are at night and throughout my day, but I would like to do more.  So, I will wake early, before the kids, and have quiet time with God to prepare for my day.

Motivation and inspiration can lead to great gains!  I hope I have inspired you or motivated you to look at your schedule or create a schedule.  My motivation was, my days were flying by and I had little accomplished.  I set daily goals (a schedule) to get more done and feel less stress at the end of the day.  And there is still time to relax!


if you have any ideas or what you found works for you, please share.  Maybe your way will work better for someone.