January 2017

VASA Fitness and Reformer classes

I have been a busy lady over the past year. I’m back to teaching in my home studio, offering duo reformer classes! Currently, my classes are full, so that is great! I will need to be looking for more class times as needed.

I recently started working at VASA Fitness in Aurora. […]

October 2015

Concentration: What are you doing and why?

Do you find yourself lost in your workouts?  Do you know why you are exercising in a specific form?  Concentrating on your movements and being present is important.  After all, if you aren’t concentrating on what you are doing and trying to accomplish, you can injure yourself.  Many people may think, I am concentrating on what […]

September 2015

May your breath be with you

Breathing is essential to life.  God breathed life into Adam and he was perfect.  We are born and take our first breath of air and continue to breathe throughout our lives.  When the time comes for us to leave this Earth, we will take our last breath.

Most people do not think about breathing because it […]

“Go heavy or go home” mentality….is this okay?

First off, I apologize for not posting last week.  My baby started pre-k last week and getting into the new routine was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be.   This week, I will be discussing another controversial topic.  Yay!  (I consider it educating people.)

I’m sure there are people that live by […]

Dietary Supplements

This topic may bring controversy to some.  I know of many supplement reps and my intention is not to step on any toes.  I have spent many, many hours researching nutrition shakes and products to use along side the shakes.  Every BODY is different and will respond differently, therefore, you should know, these shakes/supplements are […]

August 2015

Back to school, back to sports.

Almost everyone is back in school (my daughter doesn’t start until after Labor Day) and fall sports begin!  This means busy schedules, homework, and still finding a way to keep up with your healthy lifestyle.  Do you have a plan to make all of this happen while keeping a clean home and not getting overwhelmed? […]

July 2015

Welcome to Spirit.Soul.Body. Balanced

I would like to welcome you to my blog!  My history of education and my continuing education courses, has given me an overwhelming amount of information that I am bursting with excitement to educate you!  We should all know how our body works just like we know how our phone works.  In fact, knowing how […]