Pilates Born of Passion:

The Story of how SSBBalanced Came to be

Growing up an athlete, owner Rose Browne found her passion in fitness and studying the human body.  After graduating from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, she moved to Colorado with her husband and worked as a medical assistant for two management physicians.

She witnessed the doctors prescribing Pilates for core stabilization.  As an ex-athlete and mother of two young children, she experienced back injuries often and paid for monthly massages to provide some temporary relief. Seeing the massages as only a temporary bandaid for her injury, she remembered the prescriptions given for Pilates to patients, and decided to try Mat Pilates at a local gym. Pilates was and remains a great success for Rose, as she no longer experiences back injuries!

Experiencing the great benefits of pilates for herself, Rose combined her love of helping others, with her natural athletic abilities, adding her extensive education to form SSBBalanced, LLC.

Meet Rose Browne,

Owner of SSBBalanced

Rose was born and raised in Wichita, KS.  She attended Wichita North High and graduated in 2002.  In fall 2007, Rose graduated from Kansas State University and joined her husband in Denver, CO.  Soon after moving to Colorado, Rose and her husband had their first child in 2008, and second child in 2011. At this time, Rose desired to stay at home with her children. It was during this time that she pursued her passion and thus began her journey with Pilates and Kickboxing, obtaining her first certifications from AAAI/ISMA in March 2013.

Rose started practicing her group fitness teaching with her closest friends in her basement in March of 2014.  The quiet and calm atmosphere and “no pressure” feel of exercising was very enjoyable to them.   They recommended that she start a business teaching in her basement.  The business grew through referrals.  During this time, Rose started teaching Cardio Kickboxing and Mat Pilates at local fitness facilities.  In July of the same year, Rose became a regular instructor at Trufit, and has since left to spend more time with family.  She will continue to sub classes at Trufit.  Currently, she holds a full schedule at CT Family Wellness Center near Southlands Mall.  Teaching Cardio Kickboxing, Barre Above, Fusion, Mat Pilates, Circuit, and Foam Roller Pilates.

Fitness is my passion because of my enjoyment of sports, my family health history of complications from obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease, as well as my experiences with pain management patients. I have seen a lot of depression from these chronic diseases, as well as death. Not only is it sad to see people die from chronic diseases that can be prevented or reversed, it is also a motivator to avoid these diseases myself and to help others avoid them or even reverse them!  I want to see people LIVE to their fullest potential and have a great quality of life to the end!

Spirit. Soul. Body. BALANCED.

SSBBalanced comes from the core belief that there are 3 simple elements to finding true happiness and balance in life:

  • Your SPIRIT- connection to God and eternal life,
  • Your SOUL (mind)- the connection between your spirit & your body,
  • Your BODY- the health and wellness of your vessel through this life.

– Rose Browne, Owner of  SSBBalanced


Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Balanced Body Pilates Instructor
  • AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • Kickboxing Instructor/AAAI/ISMA
  • Strength Training and Conditioning Consultant/AAAI/ISMA
  • Kids and Teen Fitness/AAAI/ISMA
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified for All Ages
  • Barre Above